Sick of winter already? Five countries for a unique getaway

by Robert Hing on Jun 24, 2024

Sick of winter already? Five countries for a unique getaway

Cold weather getting you down a bit? Perhaps a little too much rain for comfort?

Well, we've gone ahead and compiled a list of countries that are sure to provide not only winter warmth but some hidden surprises for the adventurous traveller 


Close to home yet often overlooked, Vanuatu is an archipelago known for its volcanic landscapes and vibrant culture. Experience the volcanic activity on Tanna, dive the SS President Coolidge wreck near Espiritu Santo, or relax on the idyllic shores of Pentecost Island


A hidden gem in the South Pacific, Samoa offers untouched natural beauty and Polynesian hospitality. Apia, the capital, showcases local culture and markets, while Upolu Island boasts lush rainforests, waterfalls, and picture-perfect beaches like Lalomanu Beach.

Each of these destinations promises a tropical escape from winter's grasp, where you can swap coats for swimsuits and indulge in the warmth of sun-kissed days. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, these nearby paradises have something for every traveller.


Comprising thousands of islands scattered across the western Pacific, Micronesia is a diverse region with unique cultural traditions and pristine natural landscapes. Dive enthusiasts can explore the sunken WWII relics in Chuuk Lagoon, while nature lovers can trek through the lush jungles of Pohnpei.


A Polynesian kingdom in the South Pacific, Tonga offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Visit the Ha'apai Islands for untouched beaches and whale watching, explore the ancient royal tombs in Nuku'alofa, or attend a traditional 'umu feast.


Located in the central Pacific, Kiribati is a remote island nation with some of the world's most secluded and pristine atolls. Discover the Gilbert Islands for their rich cultural heritage and stunning lagoons, or head to Christmas Island for world-class fishing and birdwatching


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