7 Natural Hot Springs To Add To Your Bucket List

by Robert Hing on May 29, 2024

7 Natural Hot Springs To Add To Your Bucket List

7 Natural Hot Springs To Add To Your Bucket List

Time to relieve some of that mid-year stress? Visiting a natural hot spring is the perfect way to both relax and experience an entirely new culture. We’ve put together a collection of hot springs that need to be included on your bucket list.

Yangbajing, Tibet

Situated up in the himalayas, it’s fitting to start this list with the highest hot spring in the world. There are a number of indoor & outdoor pools where you can sit and relax while soaking in the surrounding mountains 

Ma ‘in, Jordan

A series of hot mineral springs & waterfalls near the dead sea. These springs are heated by hot water that flows down the basaltic mountain, allowing visitors a breathtaking view of religious history and nature intertwining 

Pamukkale, Turkey

Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the seventeen tiered pools of Pamukkale are about as beautiful as hot springs get. You can even take a dip in the Cleopatra pool, said to have been a gift from the famous Marc Antony to the pharaoh herself 

Uunartoq Island, Greenland


Although there are a few hot springs in Greenland, those on Uunartoq, an uninhabited island, are potentially the most spectacular. Requiring a day trip to access them, it’ll be all worth it when you’re sat back relaxing in one of two amazing hot springs while taking in a spectacular view of impressive mountains and the sounds of nearby cracking icebergs 


Heviz, Hungary


Heviz is considered the biggest biologically active thermal lake in the world. The water in the lake, which is replenished by a spring cave, changes every three days and keeps uniformly clean. Maintaining a constant temperature of 40c, this massive hot spring can be enjoyed all year round


Hot Water Beach, New Zealand 


On the East Coast of New Zealand, a DIY thermal option awaits you. Within a couple hours either side of low tide, it’s possible to dig into the sand allowing hot water to escape to the surface forming a hot water pool. Bring your own spade and carve out your very own hot spring


Bitter Springs, Australia


Last but not least, we had to include an Australian option in our list. Nestled up in the Northern Territory, Bitter Springs are located in the Elsey National Park. Although the springs are closed during the rainy season, the water is incredibly clear. Bring a snorkel to see freshwater turtles swimming along the reed beds.


If  you are needing some items for your next adventure, remember to use the code DryYourself for 15% off on your natural hot springs trip essentials: beach towels, surf ponchos and reusable water bottles. From one traveller to another, we hope you pack light and stay dry on your next hot spring adventure adventure.

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