The Traveller

Lightweight and fast drying, The Traveller weave is easily packable. Completely dry in a matter of minutes, this weave is the ideal choice for any space conscious traveller.
Canary IslandsCanary Islands
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The All-Rounder

A soft weave in the middle with flat ends creates a towel that serves a dual purpose of being both lightweight but absorbent. The perfect choice for someone who prioritises convenience but still desires a soft and absorbent towel.

The Luxe

With a one tone colour and trendy zig zag pattern, this collection suits both home and away. A thicker weave results in a super soft and absorbent towel.
Mint LimeMint Lime
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Mint Lime

Rose MistRose Mist

Rose Mist








The Jackie

A trendy criss cross pattern results in a towel that is suited as a decorative throw at home as well as outside. Not just simply for the beach, its thick weave allows The Jackie to become a staple of outdoor activities.