About Blem

Our environment is in danger. Waste and single use plastics are choking our oceans, endangering our animals and threatening our future.

Our purpose is to stop single-use products and make sustainability easy.

To succeed, we create beautifully designed environmentally friendly products that fit into your busy life and you love to use and clean - so you can reuse, reuse and reuse!

Because we want to help people around the world to be sustainable. Together, we can help our oceans and wildlife move towards a more sustainable future.

Blem Origins

Blem was officially born in 2016... but the idea for it has been around for decades.

It all came to fruition in remote South Sumatra, Indonesia, when
our founder Rob was hospitalised following a surfing injury, a damaged knee, and a reason to stay still for 8 weeks straight.

Worried about the amount of plastic floating around even in remote parts of Sumatra, he saw a problem he was desperate to fix. Plastic would continue to ruin our oceans and beaches — unless we stop producing them.

Rob knew his dream beach brand had to be plastic free. As a young traveller and surfer, he wanted his products to be sustainably made to last, made from environmentally friendly and high quality materials.

That’s how the first Blem beach towel came to life. Large size, fast drying, made from organic cotton, eco & travel friendly. This soon led to the surf poncho, the perfect accessory for when you are on the go.

Blems most ambitious project, however, was yet to come.

Realising how many plastic water bottles were finding their way into our oceans, Rob knew where to take the brand next. Current reusable bottles were difficult to clean and made sustainability difficult - Can you really help the environment if your bottle needs to be thrown out every few months due to weird smells, mould and bacteria?

That’s why the Blem team spent over eighteen months designing and perfecting their very own Easy Clean Bottle™. Designing a removable base, we’ve come up with a bottle that keeps those cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, easy to clean, long lasting and most importantly, sustainable.

That’s Blem.

Beautifully designed products that are made to last.
Good for you. Even better for the planet.