Secret Beaches in Australia

by Elle Matula on Aug 07, 2017

Secret Beaches in Australia

Winter's rolling out (jokes winter still hasn't come), so it's time to start your beach list happening. Blem travel towel in hand, here are our picks of beaches we want to visit this summer. Think we should add more to the list? Sweet. Tell us your fave! 

Normans Beach, Wilsons Promontory, VIC

Wilsons promontory

A beach with colours popping everywhere. Your Blem will fit right in. Take the Pillar Point trail to get to the next beach along, Squeaky Beach and to get a 360º view.

Cossies Beach, WA

Cossies Beach

Get your cozzie on at Cossie. A remote beach on Coco's Keeling Island off the coast of Australia. This rarely spoken about lot of 27 islands are filled with coral lagoons, white sand and palm trees. To get here you'll have to travel 2750kms northwest from Perth. That's driving Sydney to Melbourne over 3 times, return. Imagine your striped Saint-Tropez Blem towel on this backdrop.

Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island


One of Australia's best beaches, only an hour from Brisbane. Shipwrecks line the beach front to make a perfect picture backdrop. Photographers love to travel here, Blem's look amaze on the white sands, the stripes of your towel will be popping' and you'll just generally love life here. 

Shelly Beach, NSW

Shelly Beach, Nambucca Heads

A fave spot for travellers going north along NSW coast. Stop at Nambucca Heads for great surf and views. 

Dolly Beach, Christmas Island

Dolly Beach

Would travel here just to swim in this rock pool. Another gem off Western Australia's coast, Dolly Beach will leave you memorised. Many people link Christmas Island to refugees and controversy. We just see beautiful scenes and spots to get wet. Take the popular Executive striped Blem towelwith you to keep you dry after rock pool snokerling sessions.

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