How to wash your travel towel

by Elle Matula on Jul 11, 2017

How to wash your travel towel

caring for your travel towel

So you've put your Blem Travel Towel to good use, and it's time to give it a little tender love and care. 

Here are our tips for caring for your Blem towel. These washing instructions will help keep your towel soft and keep absorbency high.

- Cold or warm water (30 degrees) with usual detergent 

- Avoid fabric softeners as they can leave residue on the cotton fibres which can reduce the towels absorbency.

- Avoid bleach

- A cycle with less than 800 spins per minute is best. Anything higher are unforgiving for the tassels.

- Line drying is recommended where possible, otherwise use low heat setting for a dryer. 

- Iron safe on cotton setting.

- Unravelled tassels? Our tassels are hand knotted and can become unravelled. You can easily retie them by making two sections, twisting each part clockwise until completely twisted. Then take each section and wrap them around each other in an anti-clockwise direction until they are fully twisted. Tie a tight knot at the end of the tassel and your done!





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