4 different ways to use your Blem beach towel

by Elle Matula on Sep 11, 2017

4 different ways to use your Blem beach towel

Blanket by winter, towel by summer. Get yourself a beach towel you’ll use all year round. 

1. A Blanket

Your Blem towel isn’t only there to dry you faster, it’ll keep you warm when your camping by the fire or when the aircon is cranking on a long bus ride through Argentina. Got the chills and they multiplying? Whip out your Blem towel and wrap yourself. 

fast Drying beach towels

The towel is soft and big enough to wrap around two of you. And seriously, The Luxe towels don't even look like towels, so no one will ever know.

Don't keep your Blem towel stored away in the cupboard over winter, use it as a throw on the couch. We won’t judge you while you binge Netflix and chill.

2. Scarf or wrap

Yup. Trust me, I do this all the time. Morning beach walks? Esplanade strolls at dusk? It’s Spring, meaning warmer days but fresh mornings and nights.

Green beach towel

 Wrap your towel around you like an oversized scarf and keep warm. 

3. Picnic Rug

    Going to Lost Paradise or Falls Festival? Match a few Blems and lay them out in a common area around your tents. Or use them as picnic rugs through summer. 

    Pink beach towel


    4. Make a teepee

    We'll keep you dry, warm and out of the sun. Throw your Blem over some trees or make a teepee with some branches. 

    Towel Teepee

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