Beach towel secrets: 10 ways to go green!

by Robert Hing on Jun 25, 2023

Beach towel secrets: 10 ways to go green!

We might be stating the obvious - but Blem towels are perfect for the beach and travel. But there are other ways you can use it, be sustainable and make the most out of your purchase.

Here are 10 different ways you can use - and reuse your Blem towels sustainably.

  1. End of Bed Blanket or Bed Cover

Drape it over the footboard or on the bed itself. Add a tray and a few toiletries to complete the look.

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  1. Stroller / Nursing Cover

Give yourself the privacy you want for yourself and your baby. A towel is always useful with kids so pack one along and use it to shield kids from the sun, dust or rain.

  1. Tablecloth / Table Runner

Lay it out on your indoor dining table or outdoor table for a stylish dinner party.

  1. Picnic Blanket

Lay a Blem towel or two on the ground for a simple picnic blanket. After you eat, shake it off, roll it up and you're on your way.

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  1. Chair/sofa cover

Drape a towel on your living room furniture to use as a protective cover, home decor or simply as a light blanket.

  1. Ladder Accessories

There's no need to hide these beautiful towels away. Hang on ladders in any room to add colour and softness. Hallway ladders are ideal so you can grab your Blem towel as you go ;) 

  1. Yoga Mat Cover

A must have for hot yoga! Keep your mat dry and your toes in place. Bonus tip: bring an extra towel to wipe off your body after the workout / swim.

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  1. Bath / Hair Towel

Our quick-drying towels dry your body and hair quickly and safely. They are made from organic cotton, so they won't damage your hair or feel too heavy on your neck.

  1. Beach Sarong / Scarf

For a sarong, wrap it around your torso as a dress or around your hips as a skirt. Tuck it or tie it to keep it in place. And for a scarf, tie your Blem towel around your neck for comfort and warmth. This is great for travel - wear it as a scarf at the airport, use it as a blanket on the plane, or even use it as a towel if you don’t trust the ones available in your hotel. 

  1. Camping towel

Use a durable Blem towel on a camping trip. Depending on the weave of your towel, you can either use it as a blanket, bath towel, and even to protect your tent/car from dirt and dust.

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Now that you’ve found other ways to use your Blem towel, you probably want a new one! These are the perfect beach towels for either a day at the beach, travelling on the road or even a gift for that special someone. Remember to use the code DryYourself for 15% off on your essentials: beach towels, surf ponchos and reusable water bottles.

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