5 of Australia's Best Winter Surf Spots

by Robert Hing on Jun 18, 2023

5 of Australia's Best Winter Surf Spots

Australia’s shores are home to unparalleled surfing spots, with infinite options no matter the skill or surf level. And as avid surfers, we know there are no better surfing conditions than winter.

That’s why we've rounded up 5 of Australia's Best Winter Surf Spots - so you don’t have to. 

  1. Bondi Beach, NSW
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Home to Blem Beach Accessories, we had to start with Bondi. So much has been written about surfing in this iconic beach, but there’s different spots and recommendations based on your skill level. Expert surfers go on to South Bondi, which is known for terrific right-handers. The structure of sandbanks on the beach results in 2 or 3 separate breaks. Every time there is a big swell, more skilled surfers congregate at Ben Buckler. Otherwise, you’ll find beginner friendly waves - and instructors - in North Bondi.

  1. Exmouth, WA

Found in the more warm areas of the Ningaloo Coast, with ideal swells coming from July to October. Find gently sloping, beginner-friendly waves at Wobiri. To those looking for more challenge, there is Surfers Beach which is very popular in the North West Cape. Also known as Dunes Beach, it is just a short drive from Exmouth. Advanced surfers - well go and explore.

  1. Byron Bay, NSW 
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Another trendy destination is Byron Bay, it will be hard to find a quiet spot in one of NSW’s most well-known coastal towns. But it has excellent surfing, which makes it worth the hassle. Rumor has it that humpback whales winter in the area; so make sure you plan your surf trip between June and November and explore their vantage viewpoints. A wreck site at the north coast acts like a reef break for consistent surf. Remember to keep clear of the wreck. Nearby, there are some great surfing spots for all levels.

  1. Gold Coast QLD

This area is a certified surf magnet, with seemingly endless waves, known as some of Australia's surf legends training ground. Just as any other crowded destination, locals swear by the following routine: Ride a wave of the outside Snapper takeoff, connect it as far as possible, pick off another from wherever number one fizzles out, and keep connecting waves right through to Coolangatta Beach — then walk (or run) the mile of beach and trail back to Snapper’s jump-off zone just inside the rock line. A few more super-breaks in the area would be Burleigh Heads, The Alley, and Kirra, plus as many as 19 more known breaks that will challenge different skill levels and patience in waiting for the lineup.

  1. Noosa, QLD
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The Coast is known for fun and sometimes heavy surf. An excellent coastal trail threads north along the beaches of the Noosa National Park, which is a must if you are keen to see some koalas during your getaway. Most surfers talk about the North Coast’s Beach. The tide doesn’t affect the quality of the surf, and the waves break in both directions - so keep clear of the local crowds. Keep out for rips, jellyfish, and the usual shark.

Luckily, living in this beautiful country means that sometimes, the best surfing spot this winter is just around the corner! We’d love to hear which one is your favorite spot, or if you have any other recommendations, just pop them in the comments below! And if you are missing some items for your winter getaway, remember to use the code DryYourself for 15% off on your surf trip essentials: beach towels, surf ponchos and reusable water bottles.

Happy Winter surfing!

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