9 Articles you should read instead of scrolling aimlessly

by Elle Matula on Oct 14, 2017

9 Articles you should read instead of scrolling aimlessly

street art with nature

Let's be honest, we all spend ridiculous amounts of time scrolling through news feeds and stalking lives of people we don't know.

Social media and the internet are dominating most of our lives. It's all consuming.

Most of the time I don't even know what I've done or read so I decided to do some digging and find articles that are better than just scrolling through Facebook.

Here are 9 articles on the world wide web that are interesting and worth your time.

1. The Atlantic

Pop in your date of birth, and it'll tell you how the world has changed since you were born. Learn about some random historical facts and future projections. 


2. Intelligence is not fixed

Most of us think that intelligence, talent, character and the numerical brain are innate. Here's an article on why they are not fixed with research into how you can change. 



 3. Making Her Own Waves: The Woman Revolutionizing Big Wave Surfing

Bianca Valenti is a professional big-wave surfer from San Fran. Watch this 2min video. She is unreal and it'll blow your mind. I love watching girls dominate. 

 4. Is muscle memory a real thing? 

  An article about our body and how it all works together. An interesting article that is easy to read and goes into specifics. You're guaranteed to share this on.


5. Ever wonder how the slogan tee came about?

From political statements to humour, the slogan tee has been around for a while. But where did 'wearing your beliefs on your chest' it all start?  



6. A 2min escape for us travellers

The Slovenian Alps on an emerald lake. If you need some travel inspiration, put this fairytale place on your list. 


7. 24 Images of hobo's that are incredibly fascinating

Ever wonder where the word Bindle came from? As in the stick and cloth a homeless person would carry over their shoulder. To be honest, I never really thought about it. But now I know and it makes a great random party fact. Plus there's 24 awesome pictures to go with this article. Something worth sharing.

 hobo conference

8. When will the happiest time of your life be?

Apparently there are two ages that you will feel the happiest in your life. And it's crazy to think that they are decades apart.


9. Amazing combinations of street art and nature

The best combination of nature and street art that shake up the dull urban environment.



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