8 of the best road shots on Instagram right now

by Elle Matula on Sep 19, 2017

8 of the best road shots on Instagram right now

Here at Blem, we are travel obsessed. So it's not surprising that we designed a travel towel to take on the road. 

When we can't live the road-life, we dream it. Here are some of the best road shots dotted over Instagram that give us daily inspiration. 

Gavin Lee
Milky-way dreaming. I'll follow this road, Purple Majestic Mountain wrapped around my shoulders, any day. Cause, like, the name is pretty fitting.


Pat Corden
Pat's Instagram feed is filled with adventure based travel pics. From rafting through canyons to roads that lead to no where, it's for The Traveller type of person.

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He loves his drone. We love his drone. Looking through the lens and seeing what Henri sees, makes me want to jump on a plane and follow his life. Earthy tones and splashes of water, this account is for The All-Rounder, who's into a little bit of everything.

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Beardy Mcbeard
Throw a lightweight Traveller towel in your bikes basket, and ride through some mountains. Sunsets over landscapes like these are perfect picnic spots, with a little adventure thrown into the mix. 


Love Child
Sand trails on horse back are still considered roads, right? Wrap me up in the Rose Mist and take me on this Luxe mode of transport.


Pat Kay
Even though it reminds me of a bittersweet horror film, I still want to walk the roads to wherever they will take me.


Aleksander Jackson
Pine forests, beaches and off road droning. This account feeds my road-travel.  


Max Rive
The MOST realistic pictures I've ever seen. Holy moly, get on this account quick people. 

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Inspired for your road-travels as much as we were? Our towels are designed with the traveller in mind. Light weight and fast drying with 3 different weaves, to meet all travelling needs. 

Start picking your Blem.



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