What happens when we don't drink enough water?

by Robert Hing on Jun 16, 2022

What happens when we don't drink enough water?

Why should we be ensuring that we’re adequately hydrated? While severe dehydration will see you requiring urgent medical assistance, there are a number of consequences for remaining below optimal hydration levels. See below for a few issues that will undoubtedly crop up if you're not drinking enough water 



Feeling a bit sluggish or slow on your feet? When we’re dehydrated, the flow of nutrients to the body is hampered and waste is prevented from flushing out. Forget about exercising dehydrated or playing sport. Your performance will suffer straight away 



Even the slightest drop below optimal hydration may bring a case of the grumpies as you’re more likely to be a touch grouchy and irritable. The accompanying headaches and fatigue associated with dehydration will no doubt lead you into a bit of a foul mood


Want to have healthy and nourished looking skin? Being your body’s largest organ, skin requires its fair share of water too. If you’re not adequately hydrated, your skin will be forced to give up moisture to more critical bodily functions. Chronic dehydration, therefore, can lead to dry and wrinkled skin 



Many studies have found that something as simple as drinking sufficient amounts of water can increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite for sugary snacks and end up helping to burn more calories 

Brain health 

Struggling to stay on track or lacking focus while working? Your brain consists of 73% water. A higher percentage than the rest of your body and it needs to be hydrated to be functioning at its best. 

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