Sustainability Made Easy

The Easy Clean Bottle™
Launching June 21st

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Regular "Reusable Bottles"

Collect Bacteria


Consistently Grow Mould

Grow Mould

Accumulate Odour



The Easy Clean Bottle™

NEW Twist-Off Removable Base

NEW Twist-Off
Removable Base

Easy To Clean = Multipurpose

Easy To Clean =

Long Lasting = Truly Sustainable

Long Lasting =
Truly Sustainable

Convenient 12hr Insulation

12hr Insulation

Easy To Carry Silicone Handle

Easy To Carry
Silicone Handle

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The Easy Clean Bottle™
Launching June 21st

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Introducing The Easy Clean Bottle Bottle™

Sick and tired of single use plastic bottles and “reusable” bottles being thrown away - we knew that there had to be a better way to be truly sustainable.

How can a product provide a sustainable solution to a serious issue when it can't be cleaned for reuse?

That’s why we are proudly introducing The Blem Water Bottle™ with our removable base, allowing easy and effortless cleaning.

Forget about mouldy, smelly and bacteria-filled water bottles and get yourself a bottle that's truly everlasting.

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The Easy Clean Bottle™
That Does it All

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