The relationship between Water bottles & Mould

by Robert Hing on Jun 06, 2022

The relationship between Water bottles & Mould

The relationship between Water bottles & Mould 

Unfortunately, harvesting mould in your water bottle is way too easy a feat to accomplish. Not too diligent in cleaning your bottle? Well, it may only take a few days of leftover water in your bottle to start the dreaded cycle of mould growth. 

Mould only needs three ingredients to start blossoming 

  1. A warm environment. Think anything over 15 degrees 
  2. Water? A fairly obviously source at this point
  3. Organic matter - Think salt, sugar, or even backwash will provide enough sustenance 

Most people only wash their water bottle infrequently at best. Sugary water will aid the growth of mould within 48 hours while normal water would see mould forming within five days. The inner surface of a water bottle can essentially house bioilms, and these will allow numerous nasties - including bacteria & fungi - to thrive. 

Okay, what can mould in a water bottle do to you? Although sometimes harmless, mould is toxic and cause plenty of health issues if you ingest it. It can cause diarrahea, nausea, cramping and respiratory issues. 

We recommend giving a thorough cleaning of your blem water bottle once every couple days with hot soapy water. Ensure to dry thoroughly after as well.

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