How to choose the best Beach Towel fabric

by Robert Hing on Jan 15, 2023

How to choose the best Beach Towel fabric

If you’re trying to make a positive & eco-friendly change, consider the debate between 100% cotton products & microfibre.

Yes, it’s true. Cotton is a thirsty material. But it’s worth it.
Read on to find out why.

Remember when there was so much buzz about microbeads and how bad they are for the environment a few years ago? They belong to a category called microplastics, and microfiber towels also fall under this umbrella. Bob Gedert, president of the National Recycling Coalition, explains more: “The concern I have is that it can be produced out of PET material — polyethylene or polypropylene material — both of which are technically recyclable, but in its application and use it’s not recyclable. That’s because of the way the material is woven and used and produced; it becomes microplastic.”

Since microplastics melt at a different temperature than other plastics, they turn into a contaminant in recycling streams. “It ruins the batch of plastics when you have an immature plastic melt where some of it is melting at a certain temperature and some is not,” says Gedert. “You get a clump; it’s not a pure, homogeneous mixture of liquid plastic, and therefore it’s not a plastic that can be regenerated into a new product.”

Not only are microfiber towels not recyclable, but there’s preliminary evidence that suggests washing these towels can introduce microplastics in water. Waste and plastics are choking our oceans, endangering our animals and threatening our future. So please - don’t add more microplastics to our already contaminated oceans.

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You might be thinking now - what’s your advice then?

Go with 100% cotton if you want high quality, sustainable products that are made to last. 100% cotton towels and ponchos are soft, comfortable, breathable, gentle on the skin, non-clingy, and safe to wash and reuse for years and years.

Our purpose is to stop single-use products and make sustainability easy. To succeed, we create beautifully designed environmentally friendly products that fit into your busy life and you love to use and clean - so you can reuse, reuse and reuse!

Because we want to help people around the world to be sustainable. 

Together, we can help our oceans and wildlife move towards a more sustainable future.

Every Blem product is made with true sustainability in mind. Our towels and ponchos are made with hand crafted and long-lasting organic cotton that becomes softer after every wash. Our easy clean bottles are BPA free, double-wall and vacuum insulated. Our unique removable base allows a quick & easy clean, so you can actually reuse, reuse and reuse! And to top it off, all our packaging is 100% compostable and plant-based.

Real sustainability made easy. 

Good for you, even better for the planet.

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