Check out our Beach Day Essentials Checklist

by Robert Hing on Jan 08, 2023

Check out our Beach Day Essentials Checklist

Holidays might be over soon, but we are lucky to live in a country where we can call the beach our home. That’s why we created this checklist with the ultimate beach day essentials - so you don’t have to.

Surf Poncho or Towel

Of course we are going to mention this! We started this brand because we couldn’t find good quality and sustainable beach accessories without breaking the bank - so make sure you stock up with us before your next beach day. From one beach lover to another, treat yourself to 10% off all our products using the code DryYourself - the code name is pretty self explanatory. 

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Assuming you’re going to the beach because it’s actually nice outside, you’ll need some sunnies. Whether you are using them as a fashion accessory or as sun protection - they are a must. We are big Pacifico Optical fans - if you don’t know them, check them out today! Premium glasses without an eye watering price tag, these sunnies are a perfect stylish mix between European classicism & carefree Bondi lifestyle. 

Swim Shorts 

Unless you are opting for a nudist beach…you may need one of these – Our Blem Swim Shorts are designed to last as many swims as you can humanly take in the next decade! As the best thing is, we have matching kid and adult sizes - cause sustainable fashion actually exists!

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Beach Umbrella

Because you actually can have too much fun in the sun. Avoid sunburns and sun sickness with a shady umbrella or tent. Business & Pleasure Co are our sustainable choice, but there’s heaps of options out there for every style and budget.

Reef-Safe Zinc Sunscreen 

We can’t stress this enough: Wear. Your Sunscreen! And while you're at it, make sure you are not damaging the reefs, make sure you are not damaging the reefs. Another aussie brand we recommend is We Are Feel Good Inc - always down for a local, sustainable brand.

Reusable Water Bottle

Please don’t contribute to the planet’s plastic issues. Get a water bottle you can refill from filtered water sources. Check out our range of Easy Clean Bottles: Our unique removable base allows easy and effortless cleaning, making it truly sustainable and perfect for a surf trip. Easy to reuse, easy to clean, easy to be sustainable.


Beach Bag

A beach bag with proper drainage can help keep sand out of your car and home. Just make sure to pack any tiny belongings in a zippered pouch to avoid losing them.


We can’t think of anything better than a good book whilst on the beach. A kindle is a good partner for someone that loves to read but hates carrying heavy books.

If you are missing some items, remember to use the code DryYourself for 10% off on your beach essentials: swim shorts, beach towels, surf ponchos and reusable water bottles.

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