Five Of the Most Unusual Surf Spots To Check Out In 2022

by Robert Hing on May 11, 2022

Five Of the Most Unusual Surf Spots To Check Out In 2022

Hit with the travel itch and looking for something different? Perhaps something a little bit more exotic is tempting you?  We’ve compiled a list of the most unusual surfing spots for your next adventure


Germany (Munich)  

Forget Oktoberfest, head down to the Eisbach river. The man-made Eisbach river emerges from underground just a few steps away from the Haus der Kunst (art gallery) on Prinzregentenstrasse in the Lehel district. A stone step at the outlet generates a standing wave about half a metre tall. While it’s not exactly suitable for beginners & you’ll definitely need a wetsuit, it’s a great spectacle regardless 


Iceland (Reykjanes) 

While you’ll have to forget about relaxing on a sunny beach with a mojito in hand, surfing in REYKJANES will see you scoring world class waves surrounded by glaciers and volcano lava. The waves can be a little unpredictable (not to mention that the water is freezing) so you may end up relaxing near the hot springs anyway 

Bangladesh (Cox’s Bazar)

Sitting in the south east corner of this fascinating country, you can find the bustling beach town of Cox’s Bazar. Although Bangladesh will never overtake as Indonesia as one of the pinnacle surfing destinations, there are enough waves between April & November, combined with a unique surf culture, to make Bangladesh a truly exciting offbeat proposition for the adventurous surfer


The middle east is still very much unexplored as a surfing destination and Oman is no exception. Boasting long stretches of coast facing the desert on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other, there are countless breaks waiting to be explored and ridden. While you’ll definitely be putting some Ks on your rental car, the rewards are warm water and empty lineups 

Brazil (Pororoca)

Considered one of the worlds longest waves, this tidal bore wave is located in the Amazon and can only be surfed during February & March. Not for the inexperienced, Porocora is a dangerous wave and you’ll definitely need some assistance via jet ski. But the rewards are there in a seemingly endless wave. The current record for a single wave is 12.5 km and 37 minutes 

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