7 Tips To Pack Light This Summer

by Robert Hing on Apr 12, 2022

7 Tips To Pack Light This Summer

After some gruelling years, it’s safe to say that travel is back in the picture - yay! This is great news but we’ve seen the hustles of Australian airports in 2022: huge queues, long waiting times and stressed out people travelling for the first time in years.

Packing light can save you a lot of stress, as it means more freedom when you travel. You can speed through baggage claim and make last-minute plans without worrying what to do with your stuff. Going light makes even more sense now that airport check-ins are slow and many airlines are charging fees for bags that exceed certain size or weight restrictions - even on carry-ons or hand luggage.

Packing light for adventure travel can seem difficult at first, but like any new skill, you learn and get better the more you do it. Here are some tips to help you out:Shop Travellers

1. Make a Packing List

It seems obvious, but making a checklist is key. Start listing the things you truly need and then adding those nice-to-haves. If you're not 100% sure you'll need something, don’t take it - you can always rent gear at your destination. Lay out all of your planned clothes and gear before you go and think carefully about each item.


2. Make Sure Every Item Does Double Duty

Pick your clothes carefully. Given two choices, pack the item that serves more than one purpose and weighs less or takes up less space. Here are a few examples:

  • A surf poncho can replace a jacket, light sweater or towel.
  • A bandana can keep your neck warm, protect your head or neck from the sun and add up as a multi purpose accessory.
  • A beach towel can be used as a bath towel, picnic blanket or sarong.
  • Pack shorts that you can hike in, swim in and walk around town in.
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3. Choose Light, Quick-drying Fabrics


Pick performance fabrics that breathe well, keep sand and moisture away from your body, and dry faster. You probably have some items in your closet already. Invest in sustainable items like quick-drying, organic cotton beachwear and add to your travel wardrobe over time. For a warm outer layer, consider an insulated jacket that packs up small and can keep you warm for its weight - we love the ones that come with its own little pouch bag!

4. Choose a Colour Palette


Stick with a simple colour palette to easily mix and match your outfits in multiple combinations. Remember, black and darker colours look cleaner longer than light colours, and are easier to get away with if you spill something last minute. Add a splash of colour with a towel or a bandana.

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5. Ditch Your Laptop

Do you really need your laptop when you are away? Most phones do all the things that a computer does and take up waaaaay less space. A tablet loaded with music, books, podcasts and maps can save you heaps of weight and volume. You could even do some work with it if you add the keyboard accessory.

6. Use Packing Organisers

Roll your clothes and use packing cubes, compression bags or tote bags to maximise space and keep your things organised. Organisers make it easier to find what you need quickly without having to rummage through everything in your bag. Pack a lightweight, collapsible bag. It can be your multi-purpose, sustainable bag: works as a beach tote, shopping bag or an extra bag to bring souvenirs home.

7. Go Carry-On if You Can

Having a carry-on bag ensures your luggage stays with you at all times and won’t get lost. Also, limited storage space will help you travel light and save money. We find that the bigger the suitcase, the bigger the temptation to fill it up with things you don’t really need. Remember to only pack essentials, you will thank yourself later if you are going through multiple destinations, airports, train stations, buses and flights of stairs.

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