What To Pack For Your Next Surf Trip

by Robert Hing on Aug 01, 2022

What To Pack For Your Next Surf Trip

Blem Beach Towels

We are planning our first international trip in years and we couldn’t be more excited. That’s why we created a surf packing list with all the essential items for a surf trip - so you don’t have to.


First Aid Kit

This comes at the top of the surf packing list as it has saved us on multiple occasions. Sh*t  happens. Do your best to stay surfing by carrying a well-stocked first aid kit. Think of possible scenarios of what would come in handy. Is it antiseptic wipes? Rubbing alcohol or betadine? Antibiotics? Gauze and bandages? From steri-strip skin closures for reef cuts to medical grade superglue, make sure you stock up - you’ll thank yourself later.

Surfboards (at least two)

Surfboards are a REALLY personal decision, but you should always bring two with you as a backup. We are raging bodyboarders, so we tend to carry at least two of our favourite brand: VS Bodyboards.

Surfboard Bag

Get yourself a sturdy bag with standard 10mm padding. Go a little bit bigger than the length of your biggest surfboard, so you can stuff some clothes, wetsuit, towels etc at the ends for extra padding. 


Fins and leashes (at least two sets)

Break these, end of the surf. No one wants that! Each surfboard should have its own leash but bring a few spare just in case one snaps. And don’t forget a spare pair or a pair of large fins in case the surf picks up and you need a bit more stability.

Surf Poncho or Towel

Of course we are going to mention this! We started this brand because we couldn’t find good quality and sustainable beach accessories without breaking the bank - so make sure you stock up with us before your next trip. From one surfer to another, treat yourself to 15% off all our products using the code DryYourself - the code name is pretty self explanatory. Stay dry on your surf trip.

Surf Poncho Collection


Surf Wax 

Check the water temp of where you are going and buy accordingly. If you can, get organic, ocean-friendly wax-like for a more sustainable trip. 


Ding Repair Kit

So easy to forget, but so critical to have, especially if you are on a boat trip. Useful to also travel with a pocket knife so you can do any surgery on your board if required. 

Reef Booties

Our founder Rob was hospitalised for a sea-urchin infection…so make sure you have this in your kit, even if you hate wearing them. Surfing shallow sharp reefs makes them a necessity. Walking in on the reef is painful as is cutting sea-urchin spines out of the bottom of your feet. 

Wetsuit (maybe!)

You may need one of these – check out the wind and water temps of where you are going. We love supporting other aussie small businesses, so make sure you check out our favourite wetsuits from Attica before your next surf trip. 

Reef-Safe Zinc Sunscreen 

We can’t stress this enough: Wear. Your Sunscreen! And for surf trips, make sure you are not damaging the reefs. Another aussie brand we recommend is We Are Feel Good Inc - always down for a local, sustainable brand.

Blem Beach Accessories + We Are Feel Good Inc


Reusable Water Bottle

Please don’t contribute to the planet’s plastic issues. Get a water bottle you can refill from filtered water sources. Check out our range of Easy Clean Bottles: Our unique removable base allows easy and effortless cleaning, making it truly sustainable and perfect for a surf trip. Easy to reuse, easy to clean, easy to be sustainable.

The Easy Clean Reusable Water Bottle


International Charger

An easy one to forget on a surf packing list. If you are going to new or multiple destinations, this is a must-have. Sadly not every country is aussie-plug friendly. Make sure you are prepared - you don’t want to be cast away. 

Travel Insurance

If something goes wrong in a remote surf spot, you will need to get airlifted out - another thing Rob showed us in Indo! Make sure you are covered by travel insurance. Even though we feel like the pandemic is over, most countries require insurance covering for covid. Make sure you check this before a surprise in the airport.


We can’t think of nothing better than a good book whilst on a boat after a long surf session. If you don’t like reading, download some good podcasts - you probably won’t have good reception. Or get Audible books. A kindle is a good partner for someone that loves to read but hates carrying heavy books.

Take a screenshot of the image below to start ticking off your checklist!

Blem's Surftrip Checklist


And if you are missing some items, remember to use the code DryYourself for 15% off on your surf trip essentials: beach towels, surf ponchos and reusable water bottles.

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