Our Ultimate Guide to Post-Surf Changing

by Robert Hing on May 21, 2023

Our Ultimate Guide to Post-Surf Changing

Most of us avid surfers went through the struggle of getting out of our swim shorts / wetsuit without any changing rooms available. After a long surfing session, you want a quick and easy solution to change, head back home and pack your surfing gear - without taking the beach with you or turning your car into a water hazard.

If you’ve been there, or surf in a spot without public showers or changing rooms, you know that can get tricky. Sick and tired of dealing with this issue, and trying out products that just didn't do the job - we decided to design our own.

Now, what’s so special about the Blem surf poncho?

You may be thinking it’s just a piece of clothing that is slipped over the body with a slit in the middle of the head. Basically like any other hooded towels or changing ponchos in the market. 

But, we’ve seen those products, and we are honestly not fans. Most of them are made out of microplastics, which is obviously not sustainable. Besides - they take ages to dry and stink like an old bathroom towel after a while.

You see, there’s actually a few things you should consider before getting a surf poncho.

What is it made of? What’s the weight of the material? How good is the fit? And the construction? What size should I go for?

Well, here are our tips:

  • 100% cotton is best for absorbing moisture, helps you dry faster and is easy on the skin. 
  • Organic cotton is even better, as it gets softer after every wash, and it's better for the environment.
  • Construction wise, know that a well-crafted surf changing poncho should have solid edging, which prevents unravelling. 
  • When it comes to fitting, choose something that gives you more than enough room to change your clothes comfortably. 
  • And finally, look for something that makes it easy for you to wiggle yourself out of your clothes without being too big.
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Our surf poncho combines the benefits of our Jackie Beach Towel and a changing robe - keeping you warm during those cold surfing months, and making drying much easier. Its unique design (with special slits, pockets and hoodie specially designed for surf purposes) help you change in privacy - even if that’s in the middle of a crowded beach. 

Remember that when it comes to changing, a surf poncho is your all-in-one portable changing room - so make sure you are well equipped for the occasion. Trust us, when you place high-quality and standard surf robes side by side…you will see the difference! You can see it in the stitching, softness of the material, weight of the material and how these are constructed. 

Once you know what a quality surf changing poncho is, you won’t use something less ever again. And if you buy one made out of high-quality, sustainable materials - you won’t need to buy another one!

Still need some convincing? Then remember to remember to use the code DryYourself for 15% off on all your surf essentials: beach towels, surf ponchos and reusable water bottles.

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