How to Clean Your Easy Clean Bottle™—Because You Probably Don't Wash It Enough

by Robert Hing on Apr 10, 2023

How to Clean Your Easy Clean Bottle™—Because You Probably Don't Wash It Enough

Our Easy Clean Bottles™ are:

better for the environment. 

way more stylish than plastic bottles. 

good for your health and hydration — if you wash them correctly. 

While keeping your bottle close at hand during your daily activities is an easy way to stay hydrated, if you fail to clean it, it could be exposing you to germs and bacteria. And if we're being honest, many of us aren't cleaning our water bottles often enough. 

We’ve made your life easier with our removable base feature, allowing the easiest cleaning. But - you still have to do it! 

The ideal frequency? 

Every day if you use it often, otherwise a few times a week should do. 

But don't worry, this task doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. 

Following these simple steps, you can keep your easy clean bottle - CLEAN in less than five minutes.

What You'll Need:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dishwashing sponge or brush
  • Bleach or vinegar (optional)
  • Water bottle cleaning tablets (optional)
  • Clean dish towel

Follow These Steps:

  • For daily cleaning: Wash your Easy Clean Bottle™ at least once per day. Open the bottle by taking out the removable base, and fill your dishwashing sponge (or brush) with a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Using the sponge, scrub the lid, body and bottom of the bottle. Be sure to clean not just the inside, but also the lip and bottom of the bottle. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Because bacteria thrives in a moist environment, it's a good idea to dry the bottle with a clean dish towel (or you'll risk spreading fresh bacteria onto the bottle). If you prefer to let the bottle air-dry, be sure to leave the cap and bottom off, or else the trapped moisture will create an ideal environment for germs.

  • Our Easy Clean Bottle™ is dishwasher-safe, so you can also place it on the top rack of the dishwasher and choose the hottest water setting. Make sure you open the lid and bottom for a deeper clean.

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  • For thorough cleanings: If you’ve been mixing drinks in the bottle or you've neglected it for a little too long, it's time for a deeper cleaning. Add one teaspoon of bleach or vinegar to the bottle, then fill it with cool water. Let sit overnight, then rinse thoroughly before following the drying instructions above.

  • For a deep clean, no scrubbing required, use water bottle cleaning tablets, which reviewers swear by for removing odour and grime.

  • Don't forget the lid: Remember to also scrub the lid with warm water and dishwashing liquid every day. Because our bottle is made up of several parts, separate them before cleaning to make sure there isn't grime lurking in the crevices.

Keep these cleaning tips handy to keep your bottle clean and avoid plastic waste.

Speaking of waste, we hate it. 

The sustainability factor of these water bottles is off the charts. 

If we’re hoping to reduce the almost 3 million tons of plastic that we produce in Australia per year, we need to start utilising sustainable, reusable and recyclable options.

Unlike plastic and other materials used to make water bottles, the food grade stainless-steel we use to make our bottles is entirely recyclable and has been made from recycled materials.

It’s not just about the materials we use to make these bottles either. It’s the subtle sustainability minded features included, like the bottom that unscrews for easy cleaning to help promote an extended lifetime or the vacuum insulation that makes these bottles such all-purpose problem solvers, leading to less need for plastic single-use containers.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get stuck into these awesome new bottles to feel good about what you’re putting in your body and what you’re sending out into the environment.

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