How much water should we REALLY need to drink in a day?

by Robert Hing on Aug 22, 2022

How much water should we REALLY need to drink in a day?

We’ve been told for years to drink eight glasses of water a day. 

Considering up to 60% of the average adult human body consists of water, it’s probably fairly essential to ensure proper hydration for a healthy and functioning body. 

But how much water do you need a day? Is eight glasses of water an accurate and necessary recommendation for everyone?

Dehydration is terrible for the body and can lead to a number of complications. 

So how much water do we need to actually consume daily? 

According to a number of different sources, women should be consuming roughly 2.7 litres and men 3.7 litres. That sounds like a lot right? Well, it’s important to note that this amount includes total daily fluid. Not just plain water 

In fact, roughly 20% of your daily intake can be sourced from food. Think primarily water rich vegetables & fruits or other types of foods and meals that are water based too. Other beverages such as tea, smoothies, & coffee also count too. 

When you put that altogether, achieving your daily hydration goal should be easily achievable - right?

We all know it’s easier said than done. That’s why we created The Easy Clean Bottle to help you kick your hydration goals whilst being sustainable.

The Easy Clean Bottle

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Gone are the days of foul smelling, bacteria filled bottles that need to be discarded every few months. The Easy Clean bottle is made to last. Good for you, even better for the planet. Now that’s what we call sustainability made easy.


  • NEW twist-off removable base to allow easy access for cleaning
  • Durable stainless steel bottle – leak free & made to last
  • BPA Free, made from safe and sustainable materials
  • Practical ergonomic design with silicone handle
  • Available in three timeless colour finishes


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