Five awesome trail runs you need to explore in 2022!

by Robert Hing on May 25, 2022

Five awesome trail runs you need to explore in 2022!

Five awesome trail runs you need to explore in 2022!

There's nothing better than exploring nature while partaking in some wholesome exercise at the same time. Sometimes life gets a little loud so we've compiled a list of Australia's best trail runs that will allow your mind to disconnect and your body to take over. 

1. Blue Lake & Mt Kosciuszko Loop, NSW

Commonly referred to as the roof top of Australia, a trail run here will provide a number of jaw dropping views along the way. No trail for beginners, this 22km loop over a recommended 8 hours will reward ambitious runners with views across the Australian Alps stretch as far as the eye can see.

2. Wineglass Bay Loop, Tasmania

A touch on the shorter side at 'only' 12km, this rewarding trek will circumnavigate around the Freycinet Peninsula. Considered one of Australia's most photogenic beaches, the trail will take you on a circuit spotted with different caves and beaches to explore. 

3. The Freycinet Peninsula, Queensland

Located in the Noosa National Park, don't let the rather sinister nickname of this track deter you from what is otherwise a scenic and trail. In fact, 'Hell's Gates',  will provide one of the most scenic finishes possible to a trail. No swimming is definitely recommended 

4. Bald Head Ridgeline, Western Australia 

The Bald Hill Walk Trail is a short drive from Albany and is right at the edge of the wild Torndirrup National Park. Starting with a small climb up Isthmus Hill, you'll be leaving the concrete world behind as you embark on a narrow limestone path. It may not be the easiest trek available. But the rewards are deservedly so with the trail providing sweeping views north across King George Sound and south towards the barren lands of Antarctica.

5. Bushrangers Bay Trail, Victoria 


Starting from Cape Schanck and tracking towards Wild Bushranger's Bay beach, a few stairs, elevations and even steep rocky sections make this trail a moderate to challenging walk. Of course, however, you'll be rewarded with stunning beaches and untainted nature vistas

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