Ditch your mouldy water bottle and get an Easy Clean™ one instead.

by Robert Hing on Jul 30, 2023

Ditch your mouldy water bottle and get an Easy Clean™ one instead.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, we’ve all come across some viral Tik Tok videos and news articles about a very “popular” water bottle - infested in mould.

Check inside your reusable bottle for any nasties. Image: TikTok / @slimshaydy__

A recent study from US-based found regular reusable bottles can harbour 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat – describing them as being like a “portable Petri dish”.

Comparing the cleanliness of the bottles to household objects also painted a dirty picture: they’re twice as germy as the kitchen sink; can harbour four times the amount of bacteria as a computer mouse; and 14 times more than a pet’s drinking bowl.

Suffice to say, cleaning your bottle needs to be a part of your daily routine. 

But sometimes that’s just not enough.

Most reusable bottles brands serve as a breeding ground for high numbers of bacteria, either because of their plastic straw design, teeny tiny accessories and loopholes, or their overall difficulty to clean.

For us, it became pretty obvious that those kinds of bottles just weren't doing the job. How can a product provide a sustainable solution when it can't be cleaned for reuse?

Pastel Pink Reusable Bottle

That’s why we launched The Easy Clean Bottle™ last year - with our removable base, allowing easy and effortless cleaning.

No more mould and bacteria. No more weird smells. Added quality features that allow up to 12 hours of insulation. Enjoy a cold drink at the end of a long run or a hot tea on a chilly night.

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to be sustainable. 

It's Real Sustainability Made Easy

We recommend washing it at least once a day with hot soapy water, and sanitising it at least once a week – though increase the habit if you’ve been unwell, drink from it while eating, or are filling it with something other than water (like cordial).

If you already have one of Easy Clean Bottles™, we’d love to hear from you! Feedback is always appreciated - that’s why we have a big surprise coming up for those “emotional support water bottles” fanatics.

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