5 Sustainable Aussie Brands You Can Support Right Now

by Robert Hing on Sep 26, 2022

5 Sustainable Aussie Brands You Can Support Right Now

It’s a known fact that eco-friendly products are better for the planet. We also know that it’s nice to support local, sustainable brands when possible. With greater awareness of climate change and the way our increased consumption contributes to greater greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, let’s just say it’s smarter to recycle and move toward overall sustainability.

There are small steps you can take to live a greener life. You can shop for the best sustainable fashion instead of environment-harming fast fashion. You can ditch plastic straws and drink from reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottles that just end up in landfills. And you can ditch those plastic grocery bags, opting for a reusable tote instead.

Ease in to going green by shopping these sustainable brands:


1. No Pong

No Pong Australia

Made in Australia, No Pong is an extremely effective, award winning anti-odorant made from a blend of all natural, delicious ingredients. Even their packaging, a tin, is completely recyclable! Guaranteed no smell! 

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2. Happy Quokka Eco

Happy Quokka Eco

Founded by Nick from Sydney, Happy Quokka Eco is on a mission to reduce our reliance on plastic for household items. If you’re frustrated by the abundance of plastic products in our everyday lives and find it difficult to source quality alternatives, Happy Quokka Eco is the perfect destination for you

Stock your household -


3. We Are Feel Good Inc. 

We Are Feel Good Inc.

Australian made for the harsh sun down under and tested to last under the toughest of climates. This is a sunscreen that will both support and nourish your skin without compromising on sun protection capabilities. Their sunscreens are free from all those rogue nasties. Instead, they are enriched with vitamin e and aloe vera, chosen for their antioxidant, hydration and nourishing properties.

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5. Pacifico Optical 

Pacifico Optical

Whether you’re pursuing an endless summer in Europe or enjoying one of many pristine Australian beaches, these sunnies are perfect eye-wear and a must have summer accessory. Premium glasses without an eye watering price tag, these sunnies are a perfect stylish mix between European classicism & carefree Bondi lifestyle. 

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5. Wilde Skincare

Wilde Skincare

Organic & vegan skincare is the name of the game for this brand. All their products have been tested on flight attendants. A bit weird right? Well, flying is one of the worst things for your skin. Instantly drying it out. If it's perfect for those spending all their time in the air then I’m sure it’ll work perfectly for us land dwellers too.

Check it out here -


Real sustainability made easy.

Our environment is in danger. Waste and single use plastics are choking our oceans, endangering our animals and threatening our future.

Our purpose is to stop single-use products and make sustainability easy.

To succeed, we create beautifully designed environmentally friendly products that fit into your busy life and you love to use and clean - so you can reuse, reuse and reuse!

Because we want to help people around the world to be sustainable. Together, we can help our oceans and wildlife move towards a more sustainable future.

Our towels and ponchos are made with hand crafted and long-lasting organic cotton that becomes softer after every wash. Our easy clean bottles are BPA free, double-wall and vacuum insulated. Our unique removable base allows a quick & easy clean, so you can actually reuse, reuse and reuse! And to top it off, all our packaging is 100% compostable and plant-based.

Real sustainability made easy.

Good for you, even better for the planet.

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