3 Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

by Robert Hing on Nov 27, 2022

3 Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

By its very nature, summer will expose you to the elements without fail. While a little Vitamin D is beneficial, you're probably already getting your fair share from spending time outdoors anyway. 

Advice such as avoiding the sun between 10am to 3pm isn't practical for those that are outdoorsy like us - so we've compiled a few other handy tips & tricks below. Here are 3 sunscreen mistakes you should avoid this summer, and what we suggest you should do instead:


1. Not reapplying sunscreen

The worst enemy of any sun conscious person is the ability for sunscreen to easily wash off in summer. Whether it is because of swimming, surfing or sweating through aussie summers, standard sunscreens just won't do the job. They often leave you unknowingly exposed for hours on end and only aware of the damage when you finally make it back home to a sunburnt face and body.

Our suggestion? Re-apply your sunscreen!

Luckily for us, there’s plenty of sustainable and high quality sunscreen and zinc options in the Australian market. And for those of you that enjoy the surf as much as we do, make sure you invest in high quality zincs. Zinc oxide provides the largest UVA and UVB coverage, is natural, and won't harm the very reef that you're enjoying.


2. Forgetting your lips

Burns on the lips, especially in the tropics such as Australia and Indonesia, are all too common and are extremely painful. Lip cancer is particularly aggressive and standard sunscreen won't cut on hot summer days. 

What can you do instead? Make sure you grab thick lip balm and coat it on! 

Remember not all lip balms are recommended for the sun, as many have oils that would actually intensify your sunburn - not prevent it. Opt for a creamier texture with proper SPF on instead to take care of your lips.

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3. Avoiding protective clothing

Considering that standard sunscreen won't do the job for your face, why would you expose other areas of your body too? It's especially tempting in hot aussie summers to walk the plank by wearing the bare minimum amount of clothing. Don't do it!

What can you use instead?

Invest in beach accessories. For example, hats that have a chin or neck strap can help save your scalp, forehead and ears from direct UV light. Surf ponchos and towels are the perfect throw on before or after a swim whilst providing comfortable protection from the sun.

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These might sound obvious, but we are only human. Please avoid these mistakes and take care of yourself this summer. From one summer lover to another, treat yourself to 10% off all our products using the code DryYourself - the code name is pretty self explanatory. Stay dry and protected from the sun.

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