Finally, a beach towel that can be used all year

Blem beach accessories features a range of beach towels that can be used all year round. Our different weaves allow you to choose a towel that will be perfect for all occasions and not something that will be forgotten in the closet.

Sand resistant and quick dry

Unnecessary sand won't stick to our towels, leaving the sand where it belongs, at the beach. Blem beach towels will dry in a matter of minutes allowing you to quickly hit the road without a mouldy towel sitting in the back seat or to pack for that next plane trip.

Material & size

Made from 100% Cotton with our yarn sourced from Italy & France, Blem towels will improve the more you wash them. Show them a little love and they will return the favour as they become softer and more absorbent. Our towels come in at a generous 2 metres by 1. Don't let your head stick in the sand anymore.

How do I look after my Blem beach towel?

Machine Wash up to 30 degrees and forget the dryer. Hang your Blem towel on the line and it'll be done in minutes.