How much water should we actually be drinking in a day?

How much water should we actually be drinking in a day?

We’ve been told for years to drink eight glasses of water a day. Considering up to 60% of the average adult human body consists of water, it’s probably fairly essential to ensure proper hydration for a healthy and functioning body. But how much water do you need a day? Is eight glasses of water an accurate and necessary recommendation for everyone?


Dehydration is terrible for the body and can lead to a number of complications. So how much water do we need to actually consume daily? 

According to a number of different sources, women should be consuming roughly 2.7 liters and men 3.7 liters. That sounds like a lot right? Well, it’s important to note that this amount includes total daily fluid. Not just plain water 


In fact, roughly 20% of your daily intake can be sourced from food. Think primarily water rich vegetables & fruits or other types of foods and meals that are water based too. Other beverages such as tea, coffee & milk also count too. When you put that altogether, achieving your daily hydration goal should be easily achievable.

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