The Beginning

Posted on 25 October 2016

Over two years ago, Rob found himself on the receiving end of some medial treatment courtesy of the Indonesian health system. 

Deep in the South of Sumatra, a busted up knee that refused to heal left Rob enjoying a lengthy stint on the sidelines for what turned out to be a torturous six weeks.

During this time, he enjoyed a daily diet of rice curry, chess and commiserating with fellow surfer, Jackson, who had begun to complain of tender shoulders. A condition reportedly caused from too much time being spent getting shacked. 

As days turned into weeks, an idle brain eventually turned towards what lay ahead. For this avid surfer and traveller, a degree that majored in International politics and Modern History appeared to offer little potential for future endeavours. 

Labelled a 'beach bum' by his mates who had flocked to the banking sector, Rob quietly began composing ideas for his own brand. 

The launching board for blem had been waxed.

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