7 Instagram accounts we wish were our lives!

Scrolling through our Instagram feed, we see gorgeous babes on the reg who make dancing on a long board look like breathing. The only thing I am good at balancing on is my beach towel. While I'm lying down. So, because i've been thankfully blessed with un-co-ism, I resort to living my life through these 7 accounts. 


This blonde bombshell is killing it at life. Currently taking on the islands of Mentawai in Indo, her snaps are basically what the colour theme of my dreams are. Living life, toes in the sand at golden hour is her thing. She looks bangin' on top of a board, riding waves or 'crete, but best with her Capri slung over her shoulder. 

Blue Beach Towel - Capri



Another lady that enjoys the thrill of the Mentawai Islands. Her IG is filled with snaps from her adventures in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. She's always got a board near, and portray's life just like she sees it, through a lens. Guaranteed to give you inspiration for your next group vacay. 

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Pastels skys, tourquoise oceans and birds-eye views are collaged all over this account. Finding spots all over the Australian east-coast, this account makes me want to go find waterholes and sand dunes all over the world. Guaranteed to double-tap on 5. Minimum.


That's it. I'm buying a van. With swivel chairs and wooden walls. Jess, when you decide to sell, hit a sister up. A travel account filled with reflective water shots, mountain ranges that make you want to be in winter, and isolated canyons with rivers #lifegoals. It's van-trips like these that you need The All-Rounder by your side.


Back to a bit of saltiness, Dom is epic at seeing the big in small things. By things I mean waves. He incredibly turns tiny waves into big wave barrels. This perspective photography makes me look a little longer, every time.



Living life underwater, these shots take golden hour to a 'lower' level. If diving is your thing, have a peek at these majestic pictures. 


When I go to sleep tonight, I want to be Josie when I wake up. Always wandering by the sea, soaking rays on the water and just cruising through life, I feel like I've gone traveling just from having a cheeky instagram stalk of her page. Hanging Ten on the reg, Josie makes us remember where we should be. 

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